UniQuest: Proud member of the VVR 


VVR, Association of Flemish Travel Agencies

Founded in 1975, the association of Flemish Travel Agencies today represents over 75 % of the Flemish travel agencies and tour operators. VVR offers a wide range of services to its working (travel agencies) and associated (principals) members.

VVR is accredited by the Ministries for Tourism, Transport and Trade. VVR is not only consulted by the above-mentioned Departments, but has permanent contacts with the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Education. VVR has a seat in the board of several official committees such as The high Council for Trade, The Flemish Institute for Independent Enterprising, the IATA-Agency Programme Joint Council, etc.

Travel trade law

Liability insurance is required in all regions and is provided by several insurance companies. The VVR-members are mainly insured via an agreement between VVR and “Amlin Insurance SE”.

Only consumers can benefit from this insurance.


VVR is member of UFTAA (United Federation of Travel Agents Association). With this membership, VVR exclusively represents the Belgian tourism industry worldwide. Antoon Van Eeckhout is deputy director of the board of directors of UFTAA.